An App to Remember

Want to memorize Scripture quickly? There's an app for that.

American Bible Society (ABS) recently launched its first mobile app, Bible Minded, to engage a more digitally minded generation. Now available for free on both Android and Apple devices, Bible Minded allows users to customize the way they learn and remember Scripture verses.

Since its initial release in May 2012, the app has already been installed almost 1300 times between Android and Apple platforms.

Users may choose from one of several preset Scripture memorization plans, or they may select any Bible verse or passage they wish to memorize.

Options for memorizing and reviewing Scriptures include users recording themselves speaking the verse for audio review, filling in the blank or using flash cards. The app also offers a variety of Bible translations for people to use.

Bible Minded can also be useful for memorizing verses related to a program or group as well.

Kristin Davis, a satisfied app user, emailed the ABS Digital Ministries team to let them know she was using it along with a Bible study. Davis was very pleased with the app, calling Bible Minded “a great tool to the Christian community.”

Mark Bradshaw, one of the lead developers of the Bible Minded app, said that future updates will include new options for memorizing and reviewing Scripture, syncing capabilities between devices and social media connectivity.

“We're open to ideas, and we've already received a handful from users. Those are the best ideas. The users know best how this app should work,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw has also been thrilled with the response Bible Minded has already received.

“I've gotten reports of people who are using this with their kids to memorize Scripture, and that is exactly what we had hoped for,” Bradshaw said. “Bible engagement is what this app is made for, and it's gratifying to see it being used.”

Bible Minded is yet another facet of the ministry ABS has been striving to carry out for almost 200 years. With the world becoming more and more engrossed in technology, American Bible Society is working hard to engage people with God's Word wherever they are in today's digital world.

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