Are Mica and Micah the same person?

Answers to your Scripture Questions

Mica, a son of Mephibosheth and the grandson of Jonathan, Saul’s son (2 Samuel 9.12), is also called Micah in 1 Chronicles 8.34. He became the head of a well-known family in Israel and the father of four sons (1 Chronicles 8.34-35, 9.40, 41). The name Mica is an alternative form of Micah, but Mica, Saul’s great grandson, is not Micah, the prophet.
Micah, the prophet, was a contemporary of Isaiah. He was the author of the Book of Micah, the sixth book of the Minor Prophets. He came from Moresheth, a small village of the foothills of southwest Palestine halfway between Jerusalem and Gaza. Little is known about him, but the prophecy of Micah portrays him as a man of deep religious sensitivity.
Mica or Micah is the name of several different men in the Bible. In addition to the two named above, there are:
3. Mica, a Levite, the son of Zichri (1 Chronicles 9.15).
4. Mica, a Levite, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah (Nehemiah 10.11).
5. Micah from Ephraim who is a central figure in the narrative of the migration of the tribe of Dan (Judges 17, 18).
6. Micah, son of Shimei and a descendant of Reuben, according to the genealogy in 1 Chronicles 5.4-6.
7. Micah, the son of Meribbaal and grandson of Jonathan (1 Chronicles 8.34), and also called Mica in 2 Samuel 9.12.
8. Micah, a Levite and one of the sons of Uzziel living at the time of David (1 Chronicles 23.20, 24.24, 25).
9. Micah, the father of Abdon (2 Chronicles 34.20) and called Michiah in 2 Kings 22.12.

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