Faith Explosion in Cuba!

Bibles are meeting the needs of those desperate for God’s love.

The growing numbers of Christians in Cuba are crying out for Bibles! Since the communist country lifted the 50-year ban on importing God’s Word in 2013, the need has grown exponentially.

More than one million Bibles have been distributed in the past six years. But with a population of more than 11 million people in Cuba, many still don’t have Scripture. And they are hungry to know God through His Word!

The shortage of Bibles in Cuba is so great that there are not enough in the country for people to even purchase one. Many people share copies. And some congregations have only a few Bibles to share.

Pastor Mario from a church in Matanzas, Cuba, says, “We have such a desperate need for Bibles. Bibles are like a refreshing rain.”

That is why the support of friends like you is so critical. Together, we are working to place Bibles in hands and hearts throughout Cuba. The response is incredible!

American Bible Society’s David Isais shares the typical response when someone receives a copy of God’s Word: “They embrace the Bible. They kiss it like a lost child. They hold it in their arms and they just hug it.”

The Gospel message is transforming lives! Natalia says, “The Bible has changed my life and that of my husband. I must read the Bible to teach my daughter the message. I love the stories of the miracles Jesus did and the story of creation.”

Eleven-year-old Rafael* says, “I felt very happy when I received my Bible because I can learn the Word of God more and we can share the Gospel with other kids at school, so they can learn the Word.”

We are so grateful for our financial partners for helping us meet this urgent need.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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