“He’s Going to Get Me Through This.”

A Service Member holds onto the Bible during tough times

When the brave men and women of the United States Military leave home to serve our nation, often in dangerous parts of the world, they need God’s Word to help them deal with the challenges they face. Service Members like Griffith* . . .

Griffith joined the Air Force when he was 19 years old. As he was heading out for his first deployment, a chaplain was handing out Bibles. Griffith took one, he says, because he thought “I need to be reading the Word and trying to build on my relationship with God, because He’s going to get me through this.”

This Bible — provided by our generous partners — was a constant source of comfort and strength as he served in places like Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan over the next 19 years. During this time, he saw firsthand how dangerous life is in the Armed Forces, as he watched people he served with lose their lives in an ambush.

“They were my brothers-in-arms,” Griffith says. “We were there together, and a lot of them paid the ultimate price.” Even during tough times like this, Griffith says, “I’m holding onto my Bible, knowing there is a reason.”

We are so grateful that our Troops can count on American Bible Society financial partners to place more Bibles into the hands and hearts of our Service Members.

As Griffith says, “As long as we’re continuing to offer the Bible to our Troops, they have the opportunity to choose His will and take that Bible . . . and continue their relationship with God.”

*Name changed to protect privacy. 

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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