Hong Kong Bible Society Tours U.S. with New Chinese Bible Translation

The Rev. Dr. Chow Lein-Hwa signing copies of the new translation while on tour in the United States. Photo of Dr. Chow Lien-Hwa by Joy Varnay.
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For the first time since 1919, 70 million Chinese Christians worldwide have an updated Bible in a language they can understand. The Revised Chinese Union Version (RCUV) provides an alternative to the Chinese Union Version, which is filled with characters that are no longer commonly used and can be confusing to modern Chinese readers in more than 300,000 Chinese churches across the globe.

Created by scholars from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Republic of China (Taiwan), Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and America, the RCUV Bible is carefully designed to be free from biases in language usage based on regionalism or dialects.

Twenty-seven years in the making, the RCUV was produced in collaboration with the United Bible Societies and the Hong Kong Bible Society.

In March, the scholars who managed the translation visited the Chinese Christian churches, congregations and communities in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston. The RCUV is now available at Bibles.com.

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