I Am a Child of God

“Untouchable” orphans in India discover their heavenly Father’s love

Tiny hands, on tiny arms, on a tiny, hungry body. Four-year-old Aisha* waded into the rubbish pile lining one of the many slum streets of Bangalore, India.

She picked through the scraps in search of a salvageable bite. Her tummy growled for warm roti, but a mango pit, darkened by days in the blistering sun, would have to do. She closed her eyes, pretending she was dipping into a bowl of curried lentils like mum used to make.

That was before mum got too sick. Before papa went out and never came back. Before Aisha and her two brothers were left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Now, at the age of four, Aisha scavenged among the poorest, lowest caste of India’s social system—the “untouchables.”

As the sun set, casting an amber glow across the trash-scape, the familiar raspy wheeze arose in Aisha’s chest. It was much worse tonight. Tuberculosis—Aisha couldn’t even pronounce it, but she knew it made people go away and not come back. Panic and pain writhed between the coughing fits.

Aisha cried out, “Where are you, mum? Papa? Is anyone there? Please, someone help!”

It seemed like only a miracle could save Aisha.

God Hears Aisha’s Cry

Isaiah 49:15 says, “Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you.” God heard Aisha’s cry. He was there with her, though she didn’t know it. He would make Himself known to this precious child. He would call on His people to reach out and rescue Aisha.

God Builds an Orphanage

Years before Aisha found herself on the streets, God gave a woman named Latha* a vision: to be a mother to those without. “I decided I wanted to save children,” Latha says. “Children for whom no one else cared.”

Latha and her husband followed God’s call and built an orphanage to care for the abandoned street children of India, the Aishas waiting for a miracle.

At their orphanage, dozens of desperate children are loved and cared for all the way into adulthood. It isn’t easy to keep up with so many eager mouths and growth spurts of a family this size. But God provides, day by day. And because of generous hearts like yours, these children receive rich, spiritual nourishment, too. Through your gift of God’s Word, these children grow up with access to eternal hope.

“Every morning we have a devotion here and tell [the kids] Bible stories,” Latha says. “We want to give the love of God to these children who have been abandoned by their parents. They are loved and wanted by Him.”

Today, because of you, Aisha knows her true identity. She is not untouchable. She is a child of the living God.

God Provides Food for the Belly

“Wake up! Breakfast!” Mother Latha bellows from the orphanage’s kitchen. Ten years have gone by, and a 14-year-old Aisha jumps up, zig-zagging between beds, nudging the younger girls to get up.

Latha stirs a steaming pot of curried potatoes over the fire. A young boy shoves sticks into the flames while another spoons the fragrant sauce over mounds of fluffy rice. The room of thirty chattering children quiets as bread is dipped and rice is shoveled and every little belly grows a bit bigger than it was before. Aisha no longer has to imagine food in her hands.

God Provides Food for the Soul

Next on the menu is spiritual breakfast.

“Who knows where Job is in the Bible?” Latha asks. It’s a race as hands flip through the pages of Bibles you made available. The children settle down and listen as Mother Latha tells Job’s story.

Aisha’s eyes and ears are fixed as she takes in the Word of the Lord. “I really think of Job as an example. He literally lost everything and everyone,” Aisha says. “He continued to trust God. That is a lesson for me: do not rely on people but on God.”

Aisha thinks back over her life. The sickness, starvation, and abandonment. But a miracle took place: God saw her, rescued her, and used His Word to reveal Aisha’s true identity to her.

Now Aisha wants others to experience this same kind of miraculous transformation. “I can take care of the little ones and show them that they are God’s children. I want to continue to do this for poor children later on.”

Thank you for sending God’s Word to the fatherless. His promises are reaching the Aishas of the world, giving them a hope and a future. He is speaking to their hearts with this message of love: “I will never forget you.”

40,000 children’s Bibles have been put into the hands and hearts of orphans like Aisha in the past three years, thanks to people like you!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

Tell children like Aisha that God will never forget them. Visit give.bible/orphans

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