International Update Winter 2014

Bible Society of Iraq, which has been helping the persecuted Christian community in Iraq for years, is responding with packages of food, hygiene items and Scriptures.

Helping Persecuted Christians in Iraq
Thousands of Iraqi Christians have been driven out of their homes by the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS. Most have fled with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many have taken refuge in Kurdistan to the north, a relatively peaceful and autonomous region of Iraq. The sheer number of refugees, however, is taxing the Kurdistan government, which is saying it may not be able to provide for their needs.
“These people are deeply traumatized and have already lost everything,” reports the team at Bible Society of Iraq. “We must help provide them with the practical and spiritual support they need.” 
Bible Society of Iraq, which has been helping the persecuted Christian community in Iraq for years, is responding with packages of food, hygiene items and Scriptures.
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Youth in Bangladesh Become Witnesses to Christ
Many Christian youth in Bangladesh are poor, and few own a Bible. To give them a firm foundation in Christ, Bangladesh Bible Society (BBS) and local partners organized 30, one-day Bible seminars in various churches of different denominations, including Roman Catholic, Assemblies of God and Baptist.
The goal was to equip children to become living messengers of God’s Word. Through this project, BBS successfully reached 10,000 children so they can become effective witnesses to Christ.

Sowing Seeds of Faith In The Holy Land 
Over the last two decades, the number of Christians in Israel has grown, accounting for 2 percent of the population. Arab Christians, in particular, need Scriptures to continue to grow in their faith. To meet this growing need, Bible Society in Israel (BSI) distributed Scripture Portions to nearly 75,000 people through outreach events. Free Hebrew and Arabic Scriptures and Scripture Portions also were given to Christians and others interested in learning about Jesus and the Christian faith.

God’s Word Proclaims Hope to the People of Rwanda 
Rwandans are still coping with the tragic genocide in 1994 that claimed 800,000 lives in just 100 days. To help them heal, Bible Society of Rwanda (BSR) is providing Scripture through the Faith Comes By Hearing program. Listening groups gather weekly to hear God’s Word and to discuss the Bible.
In addition to targeting existing listening groups, BSR introduced Faith Comes By Hearing to prisoners, as well as congregations from the Catholic Church. BSR has been reaching communities with God’s Word for the past seven years and now has more than 2,000 listening groups accessing the power and love of God through his Word.

Bringing the Bible to Abandoned Children in Bolivia 
Bolivia is one of the poorest and least-developed countries in South America. Many children live on the streets and experience homelessness, malnutrition, lack of education, physical and sexual abuse, and prostitution.
To offer holistic intervention, Bolivian Bible Society has partnered with social service organizations that give children shelter, food, health care and basic education. BBS provides age-appropriate Bibles and materials so children can know God’s love. Through this project, nearly 8,000 children have experienced the hope and power of Scripture.
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At-Risk Youth in Panama Receive Scriptures
Panama is a young country, with more than 28 percent of the population ages 14 or younger. Unfortunately, many children and youth living in the crime-ridden cities fall prey to violence, substance abuse and promiscuity.
To address this problem, Bible Society of Panama is working with strategic partners and local churches to reach at-risk children and youth. Through workshops, mentoring, support and activities, Bible Society of Panama is teaching kids biblical and moral values. Through this project, these children and youth are gaining hope and finding alternatives to crime and violence.

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