Making Disciples that Make Disciples

The Bible empowers a woman in India to share the Gospel

Madhavi* was no stranger to suffering. One of her sons committed suicide at the young age of 22. Six months later, her other son died in an accident. All she had left was her husband.

Shortly after her sons’ deaths, Madhavi met a church planter through American Bible Society partners. She turned from her Hindu beliefs to love and serve Jesus. From the start, she was passionate about telling others about Him. She quickly began her training to make disciples. Before her first session of courses were completed, Madhavi had already shared the Gospel with 24 people, seven of whom chose to follow Jesus.

She keeps track of everyone she shares with and awakens at 4 a.m. each morning to pray over them. At the top of her list is Abhishek*, her husband and a Hindu. He abhors Jesus and anyone that follows him – including his wife. When he first found out about Madhavi’s conversion, he hit her so hard she had to be hospitalized. The doctors said she needed surgery, but Madhavi had no way to pay for it. Instead of panicking, she turned to the greatest physician of them all – Jesus. She walked out of the hospital the next day, fully healed, and without spending a penny!

Yet Abhishek did not relent. He continued to threaten and abuse her. But Madhavi did not turn away from her faith, and eventually he filed for divorce.

Madhavi continues to pray for his salvation and is zealous to share the Good News with anyone who will listen. In fact, she plays an Audio Bible, provided by friends of American Bible Society, in the shop she works in, so all that enter hear the Word of God. She says she is not running a shop…it’s a church!

Her burden for the lost is so great that she cannot bear to miss an opportunity to share the truth with them. Tools such as the Audio Bible and print Bibles supplied by American Bible Society partners have empowered her in her ministry to make disciples that make disciples.

We are so grateful for the continued support of our financial partners for providing powerful Christ-followers like Madhavi with Bibles to spread the Word of God in the darkest parts of India.

*Names changed to protect identity 

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