More Than Conquerors

Through your prayers and support, U.S. Veterans find healing in Christ.

Horror. Torture. War crimes.

These are just some of the words that Bill Wargo uses to describe what he experienced as an Army intelligence officer in the Vietnam War.

After an assault in which most of his team was killed, Bill landed back on U.S. soil.

As he walked the colorful streets of San Francisco, just three days after trudging through the bloodstained jungles of Vietnam, a single question ran through Bill’s mind:

“What planet have I landed on?”

Bill was haunted by his memories of Vietnam.

Bill’s trauma, as well as the political turmoil surrounding the war, alienated him from ordinary civilians. Like many young Veterans, guilt and cynicism drove a wedge between him and faith.

“I was a pretty disheartened individual,” he says. “I stopped going to church entirely.”

But several decades later, God started to heal the wounds of war etched onto Bill’s heart and mind. It started in 2012 when Bill miraculously came to faith in Jesus through a church that his wife, Sharon, was attending. Practically overnight, Jesus turned Bill's life around.

“I don’t tell people that I found Jesus,” Bill says. “I tell them that Jesus found me.”

And yet, it took another five years for Bill to fully understand just how deeply he needed Jesus to heal him from the horrors of Vietnam.

“Although I was converted in 2012, it wasn’t until 2017 that I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress—a full 50 years after my military service in Vietnam,” Bill explains.

God helped him find healing in Christ.

Your prayers and support helped Bill find the spiritual encouragement that he desperately needed at this pivotal point in his life!

First Bill joined a faith-based support group for Veterans called Point Man—and was soon leading a group of his own. For the first time, he and his fellow Veterans were able to talk about their wartime memories without shame.

“It’s very raw,” he says, “to be able to truly open up and not fear being judged for things that you did, many times at a very young age and many times under orders from superior officers.”

This weekly lifeline was powerful—for some literally a lifesaver. And through your support, this connection to God and to a community that intimately understands the military experience is available to Bill and his fellow Veterans every hour of every day.

You provided Bill with many life-changing Scripture resources.

Through his local VA chaplain, Bill discovered the full suite of spiritual resources that you provide for our nation’s military community through American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry.

Bill says he was blown away to discover this treasure trove of Scripture resources designed specifically for U.S. Military members and their families—including The Warrior’s Bible

(Bill’s favorite), which is full of testimonies and devotions written by over 100 Veterans and military members, Take a Knee, a 30-day prayer devotional, and Journey of a Military Wife, a devotional series for military spouses.

“I immediately started distributing these materials to my Point Man group!” Bill says. “They cause such a surge in healing. The only true healing from what we’re dealing with is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Before long, Bill’s new military Bible was full of underlined verses, highlighted notes, and sticky bookmarks. Guided by the wisdom of fellow Veterans, Bill draws daily strength from God’s Word for his spiritual battles.

“We’re all in a constant battle every day— whether it’s with temptation or anxiety or pornography or adultery,” Bill explains. “The Bible applies to the war against evil just as much as it applies to the war in Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq.”

Thank you for caring for our brave Veterans!

For generations of Veterans healing from the wounds of war, the journey can be a long one.

Because of your generosity, Bill is walking the road of healing with Jesus every single day— and dozens of his fellow Veterans are following in his footsteps.

“There is literally no way on earth to quantify how these Bible resources comfort and inspire

military veterans,” Bill says. “To call them ‘life-changing’ is not enough to fully express how profound and significant these books have been. Thank you!”

Thank you from Bill and his fellow U.S. Veterans

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