National Update Winter 2014

The new documentary Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing, which will air on local ABC stations throughout the country, tells the stories of people in the DRC who have experienced hope and healing through God’s Word after trauma.

ABC Documentary Features Bible-based Trauma Healing
Around the world 1 in 7 people suffer the trauma of war, abuse and natural disaster. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the number is even higher. The new documentary Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing , which will air on local ABC stations throughout the country, tells the stories of people in the DRC who have experienced hope and healing through God’s Word after trauma. The documentary highlights the transforming power of God’s Word in the lives of women, children and youth who have survived trauma.
“This documentary uses the voices of survivors to inform and educate people about the reality of trauma,” says Jane Wathome, director of American Bible Society’s Restoration Ministry. “It challenges us to do our part to bring Scriptures to the millions of people separated from God by trauma.”

God’s Word for Military Wives 
Throughout the United States, there are millions of active duty military spouses. These dedicated individuals, many of whom are young, have to adjust to the hardship of a nomadic lifestyle that involves frequent change and long absences from loved ones. That’s why American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry team is creating a Bible devotional designed specifically for military wives. The devotional, “The Journey of a Military Wife: God’s Truth for Every Step” uses the analogy of a pilgrimage to share how faith is a journey, and God is with us at every step.
“A military wife can certainly relate to viewing life as a journey,” explains Brenda Pace, author of the devotional. “Her life can be an adventure into the unknown, but God is there each step of the way. The devotions and Bible studies found in this journey are written to encourage her to evaluate and grow in her walk with Christ.” The series is scheduled to launch in the next year.

Bible Blog Shares Inspiration Online
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how the Bible is present in the daily routines of life. But with American Bible Society’s new Bible blog, online audiences can read regular posts that encourage, inspire and inform—all with Scripture. From learning what the Bible says about Mary Magdalene to reading Bible verses that remind us to give thanks, the posts provide thousands of readers with insights into how Scripture applies to life and culture.
“Our goal for the Bible blog is to deliver content that gives our readers practical information that points toward Scripture,” says Web Manager Jeremy Gimbel.
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New Men’s Bible Reaches Ministry Leaders
American Bible Society recently launched a new Bible with resources designed specifically for men. The Men’s Bible , which was developed in partnership with the National Coalition of Ministry to Men (NCMM), will launch at NCMM’s annual Reload Leadership Summit in November and will be available on and Christian bookstores everywhere The Bible features 72 devotionals for men on topics such as purpose, priorities and relationships. “One of the things that I like about this Bible is that you have 60 or so Christian leaders, people who’ve spent their lives mentoring men, pouring wisdom into the pages of the devotionals they’ve written for this Bible,” says Leary Gates, NCMM board president.
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Bible Summit Provides Training for Church Leadership
Approximately 500 participants attended the annual Northeast Regional Bible Summit held in New York City in June. Prominent scholars in the field of biblical studies presented at the event, which provides scholarly biblical education for Catholic leadership. American Bible Society co-sponsored the event with the Archdiocese of New York. The keynote speakers were the Rev. Anothony Ciorra and Dr. Nuria Calduch-Benages from the Gregorian University of Rome.

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