Paralyzed Woman Finds God

Providing a message of hope and love for desperate people in Liberia.

Teta* was an elementary school teacher in Liberia before she suddenly became sick and unable to move her legs. For the next 10 years, Teta would be paralyzed.

Teta says that when she was sick, she did not know God.

Teta and her family believed that her illness was caused by witches or evil spirits. Her husband abandoned her and their three children. Sadly, her youngest child died from malaria when Teta was unable to carry her to the nearby clinic.

Then one day she was brought to an event organized by a local evangelist. There, she heard the Good News for the first time in her life. Teta was given her very own Bible, provided by American Bible Society friends like you, and she gave her life to Christ!

“I am grateful to God who spared my life while I was sick,” Teta says. “I am thankful the Bible Society made Scripture available to me and my little village. I have a personal relationship with God through this Bible!”

Today, Teta is walking again and reunited with her husband. She attends church regularly and helps teach Sunday School.

Sadly, so many more people in Liberia are desperate for the hope that can only be found in God’s Word. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. Corruption, civil war, and Ebola virus outbreaks have all severely hindered the prosperity of nearly 5 million Liberians.

Half of all Liberians live in extreme poverty and are deprived of basic needs like food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, and access to health care. Many children in Liberia are at risk of serious malnutrition, and over 20 percent are engaged in child labor.

Hurting people like Teta in Liberia need the hope and healing that is found in God’s Word. We are grateful for our financial partners for bringing them His life-changing message.

*Name changed to protect privacy. 

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