Providing Scriptures to Meet the Needs of Troops and Veterans

In and out of combat, God’s Word heals American heroes’ invisible wounds.

During more than a dozen deployments in 24 years as a Military pilot, James Carter* was no stranger to hostile environments. The newly retired sergeant relied on his Bible to bring him comfort while overseas.

“Sometimes when you’re in one of those cold, dark places … you’ll be amazed where a Bible will pop up,” he says. “And that moment of comfort that you get from it is one of the most important things that a Service member will ever see.”

Once home, James battled PTSD as he began processing the horrors he’d witnessed and buddies he’d lost. A concerned friend invited James to a Bible-based Combat Trauma Healing class, where he received biblical materials tailored specifically to Troops and Veterans.

“As a Service member,” says James, “you have wounds that sometimes people can’t see. And a lot of people don’t understand. The fact that those are written for people like me helped me understand that God moves in mysterious ways each and every day.”

James is not alone. Each month, Military chaplains request thousands of Bibles and booklets for soldiers starving for God’s Word.

“God is using his Word to touch the lives of Veterans so they can experience his calming power even as they face their daily storms,” says Chaplain Mike Anderson*.

Thanks to the continuing support of American Bible Society’s financial partners, we can provide God’s Word and his unrelenting hope and peace to Veterans and Troops in the loneliest of places.

*Names changed to protect identity.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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