Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Because of you, curious Americans are giving the Bible another chance.

Do you know someone in your life who refuses to give the Bible a chance? A coworker? A neighbor? A family member?

If so, you’re not alone.

Since 2011, American Bible Society and Barna Group have been tracking Bible engagement in America. The trends haven’t always been good. People who used to have a friendly view of the Bible now describe themselves as neutral. And people who used to feel neutral about the Bible are now skeptical of its message.

That means more and more Americans don’t know about God’s love for them. They don’t know their sins can be forgiven. They don’t know they were crafted for a purpose. But there’s good news too.

Our research shows that 155 million Americans are curious about how the Bible can make their lives better. Can you imagine the spiritual impact on our nation if a new generation of parents, teachers, and cultural leaders gave God’s Word another chance?

That’s where you come in.

Like you, we believe the Bible is an invitation to a fuller life. People need a chance to consider its message without getting distracted by cultural baggage or heated political rhetoric. That’s why you helped us launch Look Inside—an online promotional campaign designed to positively influence the way Americans view and engage with the Bible.

Look Inside is organized around the 100 mostsearched-for questions about the Bible. The campaign meets curious Americans where they are, inviting them to look inside the Bible when pondering big questions and hot-button social issues.

Guests who click on this digital invitation are welcomed into LookInside.Bible—a website with videos and Scripture content helping guests think through some of the toughest questions about the Bible.

As guests dig into God’s Word online, we’re keeping a pulse on how their feelings about the Bible change as they engage.

Data from our 2017 pilot campaign is promising. After visiting the Look Inside website, guests are:

  • 10% more likely to increase their Bible reading in the next year.
  • 13% more likely to search for information about the Bible online.
  • 9% more likely to talk with friends and family about the Bible.

But the most encouraging feedback came straight from our audience—the people who accepted your invitation to look inside God’s Word for themselves. Thanks to your generous support, God’s Word is making an impact in the lives of spiritually-hungry people all across our nation.

“I will continue to visit this website and also read the Bible more often than not now. I have been questioning my sexuality and spirituality since both are dear to me. I have felt a bit of deception on God’s part, but I see he is using this project … to remind me he still loves me.”
- Bible Friendly Male, 35, Dallas, Texas

“Made the Bible feel real … I loved it! Felt honest and down to earth.”
- Bible Friendly Female, 27, Prairie Village, Kansas City

“It was very powerful. I want to read more in the Bible.… Didn’t forcefully push me towards a certain belief.”
- Bible Neutral Female, 27, New York, New York

“The website sparks a small desire to revisit [the Bible] because I gave up so easily before.”
- Bible Neutral Female, 29, Charlotte, North Carolina

Story originally published in the 2017 American Bible Society Stewardship Report

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