The Scars of Love

Jesus heals the wounds of a refugee in Uganda

Elizabeth’s hands are mangled and gnarled. Six of her fingers are gone. A deep scar cuts across the back of her head. Her body is riddled with reminders of the day she was nearly murdered—for showing love.

Elizabeth suffered, just like Jesus.

One day, while gathering vegetables from her garden, Elizabeth was approached by three men. As they drew near, her heart sank with terror. She knew these men. They had raped a child and left her for dead on the side of the road. Elizabeth found the girl, cared for her, and worked closely with the police to bring these brutal men to justice. Scant justice had been paid—two months in jail—and now they stalked toward Elizabeth, bent on revenge.

Elizabeth was left for dead. By God’s grace, she survived and managed to recover in a local hospital. Although the cuts in her flesh mended with time, the wounds of her heart would not heal. She was too terrified to return home. Desperate for a new life, Elizabeth fled to a refugee camp in Uganda. “I had a lot of sorrow in my heart,” she remembers. “I did not know how to get it out.”

Elizabeth triumphs over trauma, just like Jesus.

Elizabeth was invited to a Bible-based trauma healing group in her camp. As she pored through God’s Word, she encountered Jesus, a Savior who intimately understands her pain. She discovered a God whose body—like hers—bears the gruesome wounds of sacrifice. Jesus’s death and triumphant resurrection put her suffering into a new perspective. With God’s Word in her heart, she began the hard but joyful journey of healing. “Since I started taking part in these teachings,” she says, “joy has been filling my heart.”

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