Translator Works to Finish Nagamese New Testament by 2020

“This Bible in Nagamese will reach out to many who are lost,” says Jamir.

For as long as he can remember, Jamir has had a thirst for the Bible. Growing up in India, he was the son of a pastor. He saw his mother and father reading the Bible, singing from a hymnal. It was something he desperately wanted to do.

“I still remember how I wished to read the Bible myself and sing hymns by holding the hymnal in my hand. I also remember how I prayed many times that God would help me read,” says Jamir. He remembers vividly the night when, as a young boy, he read his first portion of God’s Word.

“It was almost evening and the sun was going down on the horizon. I was outside of my house, and my eyes fall on a piece of paper,” Jamir says. “I picked that up and looked … it was a part of a torn piece of Bible tract. Immediately, I was able to read the whole thing in it. I was so excited, and that night in the family gathering I read it out again. That was my first experience with the Word of God.”

Jamir grew up knowing how blessed he was to have the Bible in the languages he speaks — English and Hindi. But as a young pastor, he soon discovered there are millions of people who don’t have the Bible in their heart language. He was sent to minister to a group of people in northeast India who speak Nagamese. While English is the official language in this area, Nagamese is the heart language — the language people speak at home. Neither the Old or New Testaments were available in Nagamese, so Jamir tried his hand at translating a hymnal and some books of the Bible.

“I was not sure how to go about doing this process. I heard from many that it is not simple, which made me more nervous. But I started anyway,” he says.

By the time an official translation project was started on the Nagamese New Testament, Jamir knew God was calling him to be part of the translation team.

Thanks to the support of American Bible Society’s financial partners, people like Jamir are helping to bring God’s Word to the 1,500 people groups still without the Bible in their heart language. Jamir is getting the tools and the training he needs to complete the Nagamese New Testament by 2020.

“I was invited for ParaText training [a translation software], which pushed me to have more confidence. Then I was invited to attend a translation workshop each year, which equipped me with tools to go about this project with more freedom and liberty,” Jamir says.

His goal? “This Bible in Nagamese will reach out to many who are lost.”

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