Saudamini returns to the village where she was ridiculed for her faith

Saudamini will never forget the fear and pain of watching an angry mob beat her father mercilessly, all because he preached the gospel in their small village in India. He was crippled, and later he died of his wounds.

Saudamini and her family held tightly to the faith her father instilled in them. But more than anything, Saudamini wanted God’s Word in her own language so she could learn more about God for herself.

In India, a land of almost 1.3 billion people, Christians like Saudamini are a minority. Some are ridiculed and persecuted for their faith. And tragically, many still wait for a single word of Scripture in their own heart language.

As she grew older, Saudamini says, “I saved money for over a year to buy a Bible. But the Bible never existed in my mother tongue.” Eventually she bought a Bible in a language she could understand, but it wasn’t quite the same. “I treasured it, even though I didn’t understand everything written in it,” says Saudamini.

Finally, as an adult, she received the Gospel of Matthew in her own heart language! “It was a shock,” says Saudamini. “It felt for the first time that God speaks even my language. Now, my people will see the light!”

Saudamini’s first thought was to share God’s Word with people in the village of her childhood, the very ones who tortured her family and beat her father. And she did just that. Saudamini returned to her old village with 5,000 copies of the Gospel of Matthew in the language of her people.

“I spent more than a week looking for the children of those who beat my father so I could give them a copy of the [Gospel] of Matthew in a language they could understand,” she says. “I gave every one of their children the Scripture and gave one to every home in that village, surrounding villages and schools. It was like a moment I was waiting for forever finally came.”

As God allows, American Bible Society will continue working to provide translations of Scripture for the spiritually hungry people of India and beyond. Thank you for praying with us to that end!

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