Pray for Victims of California Wildfires

Join us as we lift up those who have lost their home and loved ones

On Sunday, October 8th, several wildfires ignited and spread across Northern California. And the wildfires still rage.

People watch in horror as their belongings—birth certificates, wedding photos, precious heirlooms—disintegrate in fireballs. They choke on smoke and ash as they escape. Others search for their loved ones in the wreckage, sending frantic texts and phone calls that go unanswered.

As of October 10, the blazes have claimed 17 lives and forced more than 20,000 people from their homes. More than 180 people have been reported missing. And over 2,000 buildings have been destroyed.

Many Californians are frightened, uncertain of where the fires will blow next.

Pray for People Who are Scared and Hurting in California

Your prayers are powerful. And the people of California need your prayers today.

Together, we can pray for:

  • the families and friends of those who tragically lost their lives. Pray that they will find comfort and healing in God’s Word.
  • those who were evacuated from their homes. Ask God to give them peace as they are left wondering if they will come home to a pile of ashes.
  • those who lost their crops and vineyards in the fires. Pray that they find hope amidst loss.
  • firefighters and rescuers as they work to save lives and halt the fires’ destruction. Ask God to keep them safe as they put their lives on the line.
  • the wildfires to stop. Pray that the wind will calm and the rain will come.

If you don’t know what to pray, try reflecting on Psalm 34 and praying along with us:

Compassionate Lord, we pray for those who have been devastated by these wildfires. We remember those who have lost their lives so suddenly. We hold in our hearts the families forever changed by grief and loss. Bring them consolation and comfort. Surround them with our prayer for strength. Bless those who have survived and heal their memories of trauma and devastation. May they have the courage to face the long road of rebuilding ahead.

We ask your blessing on all those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their security, and their hope. Bless the work of relief agencies and those proving emergency assistance. May their work be guided by the grace and strength that comes from you alone.

Help us respond with generosity in prayer, in assistance, in aid to the best of our abilities. Keep our hearts focused on the needs of those affected, even after the crisis is over. We ask this in Jesus's name.

— adapted from Xavier University’s “Prayers in Time of Natural Disasters”

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