Freed from an Emotional Prison—Thank you for Praying!

Bible-based Trauma Healing Helps a Syrian Woman Encounter Jesus

Diana* is from Syria, a nation torn apart by a brutal civil war.

She and her family were held in captivity by an Islamic fundamentalist group for a year and a half. Many times, Diana was pressured to renounce her Christian faith and become a Muslim. When she refused, she was hit repeatedly. Finally, Diana and her family were released—but they struggled to live a normal life after enduring such traumatic events.

True Freedom

Although physically free, Diana’s heart was held captive by painful memories. But by the grace of God, she found herself at a Bible-based trauma healing session.

Sitting in a small group of other trauma survivors, Diana listened as a trained facilitator helped them talk through their fear and pain. She soaked in Scriptures about God’s love and presence in the midst of suffering. Feeling safe, she decided to open up.

In that room of brokenness, Diana let her pain pour out. She wept tears of suffering and lamented the stolen years of her past. She let go. And through the release, she experienced something profound. There was room, again. Room for Jesus to move, live, and work within her like he used to. She felt him gently caring for her, attending to her needs— healing her. The pain that imprisoned her heart lifted—and she was free! As Jesus says in John 8:36, “If the Son sets you free, then you will be really free.”

After days of learning, praying, and reflecting on God’s Word, Diana left the trauma healing group stronger in her faith than ever before. She had a renewed understanding that her loving Father will be her Provider and Healer forever. Equipped with a sense of hope, Diana decided to help others experience trauma healing, because there are so many Syrians who need God's loving touch.

Prayer of Thanks

Precious Jesus, thank you for setting Diana free from her painful past and giving her hope for the future. We pray for the Trauma Healing ministry to grow so that others like Diana can experience healing. Please use the power of your Word to move people from emotional imprisonment to a life of freedom in you.

*Name changed to protect participant’s identity.

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