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Support the Global Mission of Making the Bible Available, Known, and Loved

On May 9, 2018, United Bible Societies will hold an annual day of prayer to give God praise and to seek his continued guidance for Bible ministry.

It was on this day that the United Bible Societies Fellowship was founded in 1946. Now, nearly 150 Bible Societies — including American Bible Society — operate in more than 200 nations and territories around the world. Together, we make God’s Word available to as many people as possible through Bible translation, distribution, and Bible-based trauma healing.

This global network of Bible Societies is a diverse community, with different languages, cultures, and Christian faith traditions. But we are united in purpose and mission. We are motivated by our love for God and his Word. We are moved to action by our belief that God’s Word can do extraordinary things in the lives of people everywhere. This is what propels us forward in our ministries.

Please Join us in Prayer

We know God hears the faithful prayers of his people. As we continue together in the mission of making the Bible available, pray that all people will desire to know God more deeply and submit their lives to him. Pray for strength, protection, and perseverance for Bible Societies, including these specific requests from our partners in need.

Argentine Bible Society

Argentina experienced a major flood. We are supporting the translation work in West Toba, so pray for the translators and the community.”

Bible Society in Lebanon

“Please pray for our Bible-based trauma healing ministry for adults and children, as well as the projects that bring hope to refugees and disadvantaged communities.”

Bible Society in Mozambique

“Pray for peace in Mozambique, after military hostiles killed, injured, and displaced many people.”

Bible Society of Lithuania

“Pray for the Bible in sign language to make the Word accessible to the deaf community for the first time in their language.”

Bible Society of Honduras

“We need wisdom to know where the Word can be more effective. Honduras struggles with the effects of violence and corruption, as well as disenchantment with the country’s leadership.”

Czech Bible Society

“Please pray for our youth, so that they are not led astray by living in an agnostic society. Thank the Lord for The Bible for Teenagers, which was published and distributed in 2016.”

Suriname Bible Society

“Pray for Bible translation projects in the languages of Aukan, Saramaccan, French Guiana Creole, Wapishana, and Patamuna.”

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