Please Pray: Reaching Children in Egypt with God’s Love

Kingo the Lion Inspires Children to Follow Jesus

He’s big, he’s furry, and children all over Egypt love him. Who is he? A lovable lion named Kingo!

This life-sized lion character began as a video series called Kingsley’s Meadows, produced by American Bible Society. The popular children’s series stars a friendly lion named Kingo and his puppet friends, who teach biblical values in a fun and engaging way. When Bible Society of Egypt created an Arabic version in 2004, Kingo became a hit.

As Kingo's fame grew, Bible Society of Egypt created Kingo Festivals in partnership with local churches. Through music, storytelling, puppet shows, and drama skits, the festivals bring the Word of God to life for children and their families.

Reaching Egyptian children with God’s message of love is one way Bible Society of Egypt is growing the Christian community, which makes up just 10% of the population. Of those believers, many do not attend church regularly and have a very limited understanding of the Bible. These Bible-based shows and festivals are meeting a need by teaching children about God and his love for them.

From Children to Families

Since 2005, over 900 Egyptian Kingo Festivals have provided more than 850,000 children with free Bible resources and biblical teaching. As a result, entire families are recognizing the relevance of God’s Word and how it applies to situations they face every day.

One mom went to a festival with her disabled son and left inspired. “Attending this Kingo event has encouraged me. I want to help him more. I want to help him become more independent with the help of the ministry here at the church.”

As Bible Society of Egypt heads into its busiest season of Kingo Festivals from June to September, will you join us in praying for children and families to be forever changed by the love of Jesus?

Pray for:

  • Children of Egypt: Pray that Kingo Festivals will help children of all ages develop a love for the Bible and understand its lasting value. Pray that entire families will be changed because of the Holy Spirit’s work through God’s Word.
  • Churches and Bible Society of Egypt: Pray for increased partnership opportunities, creative ideas, and unity so that God’s Word can continue to spread across Egypt.
  • Kingo Festivals: Pray for the power and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers during these four months of festivals. Pray for the strength and safety of all who attend. 

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