Pray as God Moves in New York City

Pray as pastors and leaders unite for Movement Day New York City to spark societal change through Scripture

On October 20–21, ministry leaders will join forces for Movement Day New York City (MDNYC). MDNYC is a gathering of ministry, marketplace, and nonprofit leaders who want to accelerate a gospel movement in their city.

This gathering was designed to address the key issues plaguing New York City—crime, poverty, failed education systems, unemployment rates, and spiritual apathy—with the transformative power of the Bible. An estimated 1,400 leaders will unite around the Bible’s message of restoration like never before as they seek the peace and prosperity of their city.

“God has been disrupting New York City,” asserts Rev. McKenzie Pier, founder and president of The New York City Leadership Center. “New York City is being disrupted by the gospel.”

Expecting God to Move in New York City

Leading up to MDNYC, the leaders will go on a 21-day journey through Scripture. American Bible Society created a 21-day devotional called Breaking the Chains: Biblical Reflections on Issues of Systemic Injustice. The journey will be available via the MDNYC app (in both English and Spanish). This journey through Scripture examines areas of social conflict such as human trafficking, poverty, race discrimination and civil rights, and breakdowns in the educational system. As participants read and discuss Scripture together, we pray they will use God’s Word to inform their responses to the key problems facing their city.

As a complement to this devotional, American Bible Society’s New York City ministry team will hold a workshop to discuss “Faith and Skepticism in the Urban Context.” The workshop will guide participants in discussing how the Church can advance in our modern, often skeptical society.

Through the 21-day Scripture journey, the workshop on faith and skepticism, and the culminating event of MDNYC, we believe we will see God changing the social climate of New York City. Please pray with us as we anticipate all God will do through the people who love him and who want to see their city transformed by the love of Jesus.

Pray for:

New York City. Pray for God to be glorified as believers, armed with Scripture, address the issues in their city.

Pastors and leaders. Pray for a spirit of unity among New York City’s leaders that transcends racial, economic, and denominational lines. Pray that God will use these leaders to address the tough issues in New York City by sharing the life-renewing power of God’s Word.

Application of Breaking the Chains devotional. As people read God’s Word in the Breaking the Chains daily devotional, pray God would give them boldness to confront the sin and brokenness in their city with the gospel.

American Bible Society’s ministry team in New York City. Pray that God will give the American Bible Society ministry team more opportunities to collaborate with church and ministry leaders to reach New York City with Jesus’s message of hope.  

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