Pray for At-risk Romanians Suffering the Effects of Corruption

Where governments may fail us, God’s Word prevails with healing and hope

In 1989, Romania’s communist party was overthrown in a bloody revolution. Over the course of just four days of violent protests, more than 1,000 people were killed and 3,000 were wounded.

In the aftermath of this upheaval, Romanians have suffered the effects of deep-seated political corruption. Such political instability has left Romania’s at-risk populations in a place of desperation. Romania is one of the poorest states in the European Union. More than half of Romanian children are at risk of poverty, and one third live in persistent poverty. When sick, Romanian patients must buy their own medical supplies to receive treatment in a broken healthcare system.

But God has not forgotten the people of Romania.

In Isaiah 49: 15–16 (GNT), the Lord says,

“‘Can a woman forget her own baby
and not love the child she bore?
Even if a mother should forget her child,
I will never forget you.’”

Although many Romanians have felt abandoned and neglected, God has not forgotten them, and he will never abandon them. He loves them, he hears their cries for help, and he desires to heal their wounded hearts.

Romanians Receive God’s Word through Bible-based Trauma Healing

That’s why the Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania is working closely with the Romanian Orthodox Church to share God’s Word with the hurting people of Romania. Because many in Romania have been so hurt, sharing God’s Word requires an extra step beyond physical Bible distribution. Many have been so abused that they can’t receive God’s message of love. They need an avenue to express their pain and meet Jesus, our Savior who suffered, in their suffering.

Trained facilitators will help people in Romania engage with the Bible in a new way through a ministry called Bible-based trauma healing. Together, groups will study biblical laments, apply truths of the Bible to their own lives, give voice to their experiences through art, and bring their pain to the cross. And as we’ve seen time and time again, we trust God will meet them in beautiful ways—hearing them, understanding them, and restoring their souls.

In 2018, Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania plans to launch 15 new healing groups in cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Lasi, and Craiova. These groups are projected to reach more than 500 people with Scripture. In addition, six training sessions will be held to prepare new facilitators to serve their communities—bringing the hope of God to the brokenhearted.

Please Pray With Us

Father, thank you for remembering the people of Romania and responding to their cries. Thank you for opening the doors for the Bible-based trauma healing program to bring the healing power of God’s Word to so many wounded hearts in Romania. We pray that the healing groups will be a safe place for participants to share their pain and suffering. And we pray for more people who have a heart for the suffering, especially priests who will be trained as facilitators. 

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