Pray for God to Heal Sudan’s Victims of War

Bible-based Trauma Healing Offers the Hope of God’s Word

Decades of civil war in Sudan have ravaged the nation and its people. The suffering of Sudanese victims of war has prompted the Bible Society in Sudan to respond with Bible-based trauma healing sessions. Through this ministry, they are bringing the healing power of Scripture to those stripped of their wholeness, security, innocence, and joy.

Trauma healing offers a safe place where people can find God’s love as revealed through the Bible. Participants listen to God’s truths, open up their hearts to share and release, and let Jesus fill the place where the pain used to live. Trauma victims leave as trauma survivors, equipped with a new source of strength and encouragement.

A New Beginning

One woman fled her village in Sudan to escape the war. She was so traumatized she refused to speak. When she heard about a group that could help her find ways to cope, she decided to go. After attending the healing group and reading Scriptures about God’s love for her, she felt—for the first time—that something new was happening in her life.

Bible-based trauma healing is helping people like this woman find hope in their darkest moments.

So far, 350 Sudanese have been reached with Bible-based trauma healing since 2015. The goal is for more trauma healing facilitators to be equipped and multiplied to meet the high demand for healing groups. Bible Society in Sudan seeks to train 40 facilitators by 2018 and 60 facilitators by 2019 impacting 2,000 people. Will you join us in praying that God will expand the Bible-based trauma healing ministry to reach the people of Sudan with the healing found in his Word?

Please Pray:

  1. Pray that God will heal those Sudanese attending Bible-based trauma healing and free them from the painful wounds of their past.
  2. Pray for the training of new facilitators. Ask God to empower and encourage them so they can help others in need of healing and wholeness.
  3. Pray for the country of Sudan to experience full and complete socio-political peace.  

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