Pray for Racial Reconciliation

Churches across Dallas are using God’s Word to bring about unity and restoration

In the book of Acts, Peter spoke about a quality of God’s character he came to understand: impartiality.

“I now realize that it is true that God treats everyone on the same basis. Those who fear him and do what is right are acceptable to him, no matter what race they belong to.” Acts 10:34-35

It is this kind of godly, universal love that’s behind a new campaign in churches across Dallas, Texas.

“In a broken world where there is so much division, God calls us to be a beacon of unity,” says Rebecca Walls, discussing the church’s role in addressing problems of racism. Walls leads Unite, a partner ministry organization in Dallas, which connects Christian leaders and resources to address urgent social challenges around the city.

“Jesus, our example, was intentional about breaking racial divides,” she adds. Church leaders in Dallas agree. It’s why they’re taking a head-on, hands-on, biblical approach to break down walls where prejudices still exist.

The goal? Reconciliation.

The Reconciliation Campaign

The recently launched “Racial Reconciliation Campaign” takes participants through a number of devotionals and Bible study resources that focus on key passages from the Bible and reflections from the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Diverse groups from all over Dallas are coming together to study the Bible’s teachings on racial reconciliation. By seeking God’s Word and studying the example of Jesus, participants will learn how to apply the truths of Scripture to daily life for relational healing and restoration. Praise God!

Please pray with us

  1. Participation. Pray that many churches and individuals of all backgrounds will participate in this reconciliatory journey through God’s Word.
  2. Open Hearts and Minds. Ask God to soften hearts to understand his unconditional love and receive his forgiveness. Pray for communities to experience healing, hope, and unity.
  3. The Church. Pray that churches in Dallas will be a model of Jesus’s love and acceptance. Pray that these truths will overflow from believers all over the nation. 

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