Thanks for Praying: How One Pastor Found His Way through Suffering

Bible-based Trauma Healing Provides Hope Beyond the Pain

Patrick, a pastor from Ghana, will never forget the day his world shattered. While traveling with his family, a violent car accident took the lives of his wife and two of their three children. Patrick’s injuries were so severe that he couldn’t attend the burial of his precious wife and daughters.

After being discharged from the hospital, Patrick took comfort in knowing he would be reunited with his one remaining child. But months later, his son fell sick and died suddenly.

In a matter of months, Patrick lost everything he loved. Overcome with grief, he sunk into deep despair and hopelessness.

Although Patrick continued to pastor and preach, he did so with a deep, underlying anger against God. For years, Patrick’s resentment grew. He locked himself in a room with pictures and belongings of his family and cried out to God, “If you love me, why do I suffer?”

Where is God in Suffering?

The Bible talks about suffering. The book of Job tells us of one man’s grief over the loss of his ten children, his wealth, his property, and his health. But God was not silent in Job’s suffering. God spoke to Job and reminded him that he is all-knowing and all-powerful. Job realized God’s presence in Job 42:5:

“In the past I knew only what others had told me, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”

Like Job, Patrick was not alone in his suffering. He came to this knowledge while attending a Bible-based trauma healing group. Patrick was surrounded by others who’d also experienced devastating loss. Within this safe circle, he opened up and shared his painful story. He read Scripture passages about Jesus’s pain. He wrote a lament expressing his grief. And finally, Patrick handed his anguish over to the Great Physician.

“I have gone through pain and nightmares—but joining this healing group has indeed helped me to understand the issues regarding my traumatic ordeal. I feel my pain eased and am ready for a new life,” he says.

Patrick is now training to become a Bible-based trauma healing facilitator so he can help others find God in the midst of suffering.

Prayer of Thanks

Jesus, thank you for never leaving us or abandoning us. Thank you for walking with Patrick through his suffering and guiding him to a place of peace and new life. We pray that many others will encounter your restorative hope and healing through the ministry of Bible-based trauma healing.

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