Urgent: Venezuela in Crisis, in Desperate Need of Hope

As Venezuela’s economy collapses, people are suffering. Will you pray for God’s Word to bring hope, as it alone can do?

Imagine: You are twelve years old. You wake up on the cold ground. Your stomach is growling. When you try to stand up, pain shoots up your leg. The infection has been spreading for weeks. All it took was a little accidental cut. And now you’re here. No one is around to help. You don’t believe anyone loves you. At just twelve years old, you have lost all hope.

In Venezuela, many children are in situations like this. Abandoned by parents who couldn’t afford to care for them, they wander the streets. And children aren’t the only ones hurting. As Venezuela’s economy crashes, people across the country are struggling to find food to eat and medicine to heal.

Alfredho Altamirano, a member of United Bible Societies (American Bible Society’s global partner), witnessed this crisis firsthand. He reports, “What I saw [in Venezuela] was fear in the eyes of the people, desperation and eyes full of empty tears without knowing what to do, where to run. No dreams, no hope, no peace!”

How will Venezuelans meet Jesus, the Prince of Peace?

To meet the people of Venezuela’s desperate need for the peace only Jesus can provide, American Bible Society is partnering with Bible Society of Venezuela to share God’s Word across the country. Two translation projects are contributing to this effort. First, the Old Testament is being translated into Uwottüja, allowing 30,000 people to hear the covenantal history of God’s love for them in their native tongue. Second, God’s Word is being translated into Venezuelan sign language, telling the marginalized Venezuelan Sign Language community of 4,000 people that Jesus died for them too.

Please pray with us that—in addition to Bible distribution efforts through local churches—these urgent translation projects would help bring purpose, comfort, stability, and enduring peace to people in uncertain times.

How can I pray?

  • Ask God to comfort our team serving in Venezuela as they endure turmoil to share God’s message of peace.
  • Pray the Bible translators would find joy—even through long, difficult work—in knowing they are bringing God’s hope to their people. Ask God to protect the translators from violent street protests and terrorist regimes.
  • Pray that churches would continue providing aid to the people of Venezuela, who are grieving as the death toll from political unrest rises. Pray that church leaders’ enthusiasm and passion to serve the Venezuelan people will continue to grow and that opportunities to share God’s Word will abound.
  • Pray for the people of Venezuela to experience Christ’s love. Pray for solutions to the political crisis and instability, so that Venezuela’s people can get the food, medicine, and hope they need. 

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