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Record Fall 2014 Issue

Family members in the military community share how the Bible has encouraged and sustained them during their loved ones’ deployments and struggles. American Bible Society also shares an exciting vision for bringing God’s Word to urban communities in cities across the nation.

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The Bible Brings Life and Literacy

Like many women in Latin America, Amparo was a victim of domestic violence. Poor and uneducated, she lived in a rural area of Ecuador. Amparo suffered her beatings in silence, but with each act of...

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Pray Around the World

ANGOLA Praise the Lord for the opportunity to distribute Scriptures in a country ravaged by years of war and destruction. Please pray for the spread of the work developed by the Bible Society across the...

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Heart of New York

Rocco Papandrea is passionate about supporting the work of American Bible Society because he knows firsthand that giving back can change a life. When his father died of a stroke, Rocco was only 13 and his...

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Filed In: Record literacy Faith Record Fall 2014 Issue Carmen Feliciano, Workplace Giving Specialist

Separated Lives

Vanessa,* the wife of an Army soldier, is an unrecognized hero. She doesn’t wear a uniform or medals. She isn’t greeted with words of thanks while out in the community. Like so many...

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Bringing God’s Word to Our Nation’s Cities

Expanding urban Bible ministry can transform hearts and minds in cities across the United States.Known for bringing God’s Word to hard-to-reach places worldwide, American Bible Society also focuses its attention at home through...

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Entering a Third Century of Providing God’s Word

Imagine a world where daily Bible reading is on the rise—in coffee shops, churches, homes and communities. In the heart of cities, Scripture becomes central to everyday life. Instead of gathering dust on...

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International Update Fall 2014

Syria: God's Word and Supplies for Refugees To provide aid to the millions of Syrians displaced by civil war, the Bible Societies of neighboring Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan have planned ministries to provide food and...

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National Update Fall 2014

Cyclists Raise Awareness for Trauma Survivors Ten volunteers cycled for seven days from Daytona Beach to Miami to raise money and awareness for American Bible Society’s She’s My SisterTM Bible-based trauma healing program....

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Iraqw Translation of Bible Impacts Tanzania

After 12 years of painstaking translation work, the Iraqw people of Tanzania now have the opportunity to engage with God’s Word in their heart language. Rev. Dr. Mkunga Mtingele, general secretary of the Bible Society...

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