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Record Fall 2015 Issue

In the U.S. Armed Services, custom Bible resources transform the lives of military personnel and their families. Around the world, God’s Word is healing wounds of trauma and coming alive in unreached African languages.

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Weeping Turned to Dancing

In the foothills of Swaziland, a small country in Southern Africa, Sophie* shuffled into a cement classroom and found a seat on the dirt floor. As men and women filed into the room, she smiled,...

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Turning the Tide

What did I do?” U.S. Navy Chaplain Anthony Reilly* was nervous, and rightfully so. It wasn’t every day that he got summoned into the office of a high-ranking Navy official. Besides, this particular...

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Reading the Best Book of All

When she was a little girl, two things happened to Janice Presbrey that would change her life forever. First, Janice lost her mother to cancer when she was 5 years old. And then she learned to...

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Pray Around the World

Bible Societies around the world are helping to spread God’s message of hope and love with those who need it most. Here are prayer requests from a select group of Bible Societies that ask...

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The Bible Breaking Records in Zambia

Death is no rare thing in Zambia. Pastor Cyrus Miti has performed countless funerals in his day. But this? This was a first. During a funeral service in his village, Pastor Miti was reading aloud...

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Ukraine: Bibles Bring Comfort in the Midst of Upheaval

When anti-government protests in the capital city of Kiev turned violent last year, Ukrainian Bible Society distributed Bibles, in addition to medical help, food and water, to citizens affected by the crisis.Thousands were killed...

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Caribbean: Churches Combat Domestic Violence with Scripture

Bible Societies throughout the Caribbean are hosting workshops on domestic violence at local churches. These workshops equip local pastors to provide Bible-based counseling for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. The program is expected to...

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Egypt: Festivals Bring God’s Love to Children

Every year, nearly 200,000 young Egyptians engage Scripture at live Kingo Festivals, a children’s program led by a costumed lion named Kingo who teaches Bible lessons through singing and storytelling. Bible Society of Egypt hosts...

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Central African Republic: Healing and Hope for Displaced People

In the last two years, conflicts between Christian and Muslim groups have ravaged the people of the Central African Republic (CAR). Local militias have committed brutal crimes and displaced citizens from their homes. In the...

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China: Equipping Pastors to Teach God’s Word

Ten Chinese seminaries and Bible Schools now have Bibles, Bible commentaries, computers and Bible study software for students to deepen their knowledge of God’s Word. In China, where BBC estimates that more Christians attend...

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