A near death experience…

Reaching youth in Paraguay with life-saving, life-changing Scriptures!

Ruben* will tell you right away that he is a miracle . . . he almost died.

“I had no oxygen. I was almost dead,” the 10-year-old explains. “I saw my soul going to Heaven. My mom started to pray and my soul returned to my body. And I am proof of what happened that day.”

The young boy feels lucky to have been born into a Christian family. But he always wanted a Bible of his own.

Thanks to generous friends like you, Ruben saw the JESUS Film and began attending an audio Bible listening group as a result. It was through this group that Ruben received a Bible of his very own!

“The Bible means a lot because it is like a GPS for my life. It teaches us the right path to take,” Ruben says.

Providing the hope of Scripture to people in Paraguay and around the world in different formats that they can understand is critical. Ruben learned about God through the JESUS Film, his audio Bible listening group, and finally through his own copy of God’s Word.

“I like the JESUS Film because it teaches us things of the Bible and it was visual,” he says. “I like the audio Bible because it teaches us interesting things and helps us in our community and in our lives. I feel good because I listen to it always.”

In Ruben’s area, over 1,000 students have seen the JESUS Film and are listening to audio Bibles. They also received the New Testament. These efforts are ongoing in several institutions in the region - one of the schools alone has 1,000 students.

We thank God for our financial partners for ensuring that Ruben has access to the hope of Scripture whenever he needs it the most. Their gifts not only provide Bibles, but also support efforts like the JESUS Film and audio Bible listening groups.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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