A Refugee Finds Peace in God’s Word

“The Bible is the joyful part of my life.”

A few years ago, Fadila* and her husband, Abdul*, packed their entire life into their car and fled with their sons to a refugee camp in the Middle East.

War was raging around them, and this was their best chance at a better life for their sons. But their hardest journey was about to begin. When they reached the refugee camp, they were given one tent and one package of food to share. No heat. No water. The journey to the nearest bathroom was filled with danger.

After being robbed of their life savings that first night, they found a neighbor who agreed to smuggle them to a nearby city.

As they settled into their new life, Fadila’s family was fractured and in a crisis of faith. At the time, Fadila’s heart was closed to Christianity. “I was very lost,” she said. But God never leaves us lost and alone. Fadila’s family soon started receiving visits from a Bible Society volunteer.

Today, Fadila, Abdul, and their sons are believers.

After losing everything, Fadila finally received a Bible of her very own. “It is the joyful part of my life,” she said. “I read it every day.”

Many in the Middle East aren’t as fortunate as Fadila and her family. They continue to experience deep upheaval due to conflicts across state boundaries. Christians and other minorities across the Middle East have been persecuted, leaving them economically vulnerable and without a voice.

We are grateful to partners of American Bible Society, whose generosity brings the Word of God to the voiceless and helps reach people in need with Scripture.

*Names changed for security.

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