A Spiritual Companion for the Suffering

How one Veteran is sharing God’s Word with Armed Service members.

An American flag, a Bible, and prayer. It’s how a Veteran named Dave ministers to those in need at a hospital in Maryland.

Dave volunteers as the hospital’s Spiritual Companion, responsible for bringing comfort and care to the sick and hurting by sharing the hope of God’s Word. Since 2016, he has partnered with American Bible Society to put Bible-based materials into the hands of hospitalized Service members.

Years ago, when Dave was in the Army, he spent four months in three different military hospitals fighting for his health. Now, he refers to that season as a blessing because it allows him to minister to other suffering Service members with the truth of God’s love. “The Lord has taken me through all kinds of things,” he says, knowing God had a plan and purpose all along.

Because of American Bible Society’s financial partners, Dave is equipped to bring the healing words of Scripture to those in pain. “I tell them: I have some materials that can help you in your walk with the Lord.” He adds, “It’s good to be able to pass along literature from American Bible Society that they can use to experience fellowship with the Lord as he leads them through these different issues.”

Dave also uses his own special approach when sharing Scripture. He personalizes it for each patient by inserting their name into a passage. “I tell the patient, ‘Here’s Psalm 121. What does it say? Jenny will lift up her eyes to the hills. Where does her help come from? It’s coming from the Lord.’ It really enlightens them and reminds them that God’s in charge.”

Dave encourages patients to keep sharing what they’ve learned through the Bible-based resources. “I don’t expect you to give it back to me. Once you finish, you can pass it on to someone else in need … even if it’s someone on the street, say, ‘God gave me this to give to you!’”

As the ministry grows, Dave is training Veterans who can reach even more patients with God’s message of hope.

Thanks to American Bible Society’s financial partners and volunteers like Dave, the gospel message is reaching Veterans and Troops when and where they need it most. Please pray God’s peace over the lives of all who guard our nation.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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