Back from the Edge

Snapshot From China

(Photo by Jock Foo.)

For much of his life, Ting was gripped in the jaws of addiction and would do anything to get his next fix: steal, rob, even murder. On the run from authorities in his hometown of Pu-er City, Yunnan Province, he moved from city to city, disengaged from his family, himself and God. But God was not disengaged from Ting.

After much urging and prayer from his sister, Ting agreed to go to a Christian rehabilitation center. While there, he received a Bible — thanks in part to support from ABS — and its wisdom became a guiding force in his life. Whenever he wanted to take drugs or pick a fight with others, he'd turn to the pages of Scripture. Particularly in 2 Timothy 2.21, he took in the message about cleansing himself from evil things and the virtues of patience, humility and obedience.

The Lord changed Ting's life forever, and he now wants to go to Kunming's theological college after his stay in rehab. He also credits his love for music in helping him recover.

He shares the Chinese saying: “When a man reaches the edge of his life, he finds God.” Or in Ting's case, God found him.

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