Bible-based trauma healing launches in the Middle East

In a small room just outside of the city of Amman, Jordan, nearly 50 people gathered in December to attend the first Bible-based trauma healing session in the Middle East.

Trauma healing is especially urgent for the church in Jordan because of the large number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are flooding into the country after experiencing violence and war.

“The town we live in . . . is now a refuge for many people who are being evicted from their countries, like Iraqis and Syrians. So we find ourselves in a church, and the church is helping a lot of these families,” one participant explained.

The Bible-based trauma healing program has been tested throughout the world—from the Great Lakes region of Africa to rural West Virginia. It brings the hope of God’s Word in conjunction with best practices in mental health to people experiencing trauma after experiencing war, violence, abuse or natural disaster.

“Requests for Bible-based trauma healing had come from leaders in the Middle East for a year,” said Harriet Hill, director of American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute. “Finally we were able to respond to the need that is so great in this region.”

The 4-day session was sponsored by the Bible Society of Jordan with support from American Bible Society. It trained Christian leaders to help people from a variety of backgrounds. One attendee works with street children in Lebanon; another couple came to the training with a dream to make a television series that incorporates Bible-based trauma healing teaching for children.

“I believe as Christians . . . it’s very important to know that it was important to God to be able to touch the hurt people and the traumatized people and that Jesus, he took care of this,” a participant said.

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