Bibles for the Brave

A very special interview with T.J. Cherry—one of our youngest and most creative partners. This fifth grader raised $1,300 to send Bibles to U.S. Troops!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself, T.J.!

A: I live in Kentucky and have attended the same Christian school since I was in preschool. One of my favorite hobbies is to collect animal bones and rocks. I play soccer, wrestling, and football. I have one little brother. My favorite subjects in school are spelling and social studies. When I grow up, I want to be either an Army man or a policeman.

Q: What is “Bibles for the Brave?”

A: At my school, we have to do service projects every year. For example, last year I helped a local farm with their goats and horses and donated $100 to them, because they weren’t

getting money from school field trips due to COVID. This year, I decided to sell homemade bracelets and crosses at my school and donate the proceeds to American Bible Society to send Bibles to the U.S. Military. We called the project “Bibles for the Brave.”

Q: Why did you choose this focus for your service project?

A: One day, I was downstairs in my house looking for some books to read. I found this tiny, camouflage Bible. I asked my mom about it. She said it was her Bible from when she got it in the Army and how it changed her life. That’s what inspired me to do it.

Q: How did you organize your project?

A: My mom and I talked about how we had to plan the project. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought Rainbow Loom® rubber bands and paracord rope. I learned how to make the bracelets and crosses. I made a slide show that I showed my classes, and my mom made a bunch of flyers. The principal of my school let me sell my items before school in the morning at a big table in the front lobby. I organized my friends to help volunteer at the table.

Q: What was your goal?

A: I thought I was only going to get $200. I didn’t know if I would raise enough to send enough Bibles for the troops. But my mom told me that even one Bible would make a difference in someone’s life. I set a goal for $1,000. In three weeks, I raised $1,300! I later learned that this would provide Bibles for 260 Military Service members.

Q: How did you feel when you reached your goal?

A: I felt super excited that I was giving a lot of Bibles to the Military!

Q: Why did you choose to partner with American Bible Society?

A: My mom researched it. We learned that American Bible Society has been giving Bibles to the military for more than two centuries.

Q: Why is it important to share the Bible with others?

A: Because then they get the Word of God. I really wanted to do something that helped others follow Christ. Also, I know that the Bible made my mom feel very comforted when she was serving in the Army.

Q: Tell us about your own relationship with God.

A: I serve in my church a lot. And I read the Bible very often. My favorite Bible story is Noah and the Ark. I just like having the Bible in my hand. Whenever I get sad, I can read it. It makes me feel better.

Q: What was the hardest part of this project?

A: Making the bracelets was the hardest part because I got some big blisters on my hand!

Q: What was your favorite part?

A: Watching how people walked away happily with the bracelets. And knowing that there are going to be people with Bibles in the Military.

Q: What did you learn?

A: I learned how to make a calendar and organize volunteers. I learned how to make several items with paracord. I made flyers, posters, and a slide show to help promote Bibles for the Brave. This project took a lot of time, and I worked really hard, but it was worth it if I can change someone’s life with a Bible!

Join young T.J. in providing more Bibles for the Brave! You might even consider matching his $1,300 gift. Give.Bible/Military

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