Bibles for Ukraine

Your compassion sent desperately needed Bibles into the war zone!

“It feels like a movie about the end of the world.”

That’s how Ukrainian Bible Society leader Anatoliy describes wartime in his home city of Kyiv. During this horrific year, he has ministered to everyone from terrified children to brave soldiers to grieving parents.

How does he explain the resilience his people have shown in the face of death and destruction?

“Thank God we have the Bible.”

The Bible Is Spiritual First Aid

When the call went out to flood Ukraine and surrounding countries with Bibles for suffering Ukrainians, you responded. Because of you, more than 560,000 new Scriptures have been printed in the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

They are being distributed alongside physical aid like water, medicine, and bread—both within Ukraine and in countries receiving refugees. In fact, Anatoliy confirms that he has personally handed out thousands of Bibles himself!

“No one has said ‘No!’” Anatoliy reports, marveling at people’s openness to receive God’s Word. “When people are bleeding and people are hungry, the Bibles became like first aid.”

One man even offered to exchange a precious loaf of bread for the Bible. “Please give me a children’s Bible,” he pleaded. “I have kids at home. I would like to read with them the Bible stories.” Anatoliy assured the man that he could keep both the bread and the Bibles!

You Are Helping the Angels of Kyiv

It’s no wonder that Anatoliy and his Bible Society volunteers are now lovingly known as the “Angels of Kyiv” by the grateful Ukrainians who have received Scriptures, prayers, and spiritual nourishment from these brave ministers of God’s love. Following the example of their Lord Jesus, Christian leaders like Anatoliy have put their lives on the line to weep with widows, pray for the wounded, and bring smiles to the faces of little children.

In fact, these brave brothers and sisters have continued to spread the hope of God’s Word even after one of their Bible distribution vans was struck by a Russian bullet.

But even as Anatoliy and his team are considered mighty angels by the people of Ukraine, he knows that God has surrounded their ministry with a legion of generous “angels” from around the world—and he wants to thank you for sending thousands of Bibles to the people of Ukraine in their hour of need.

“I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the donors standing behind Bible Society ministry,” Anatoliy says. “You are standing behind all those Bibles!”

Keep Praying for Ukraine!

In addition to sending you his deepest thanks, Anatoliy does have an additional request of you: “I would like to ask Bible Society supporters to pray,” Anatoliy pleads. “Pray that God, in his wisdom, will stop the war.”

And, of course, Anatoliy says we must not forget the “biggest need” still facing our brave brothers and sisters ministering in Ukraine:

“Bibles, Bibles, Bibles. We need more Bibles!”

Send more Bibles to suffering Ukrainians crying out for help! Give.Bible/Ukraine

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