Bike for Your Congo Sisters

2011 Bike Tour members. Photo courtesy of Lewie Briggs.

Last summer, a group of college students embarked on a bike tour from Florida to Maine, with the united goal of raising both funds and awareness for the victims of rape in the Congo. This summer you have the same opportunity. For the 2012 bike tour, American Bible Society is looking for riders who are passionate about showing the love of Christ to their sisters in the Congo. From June 1 to July 15, a team of bikers will leave from Florida for New York City, sharing the stories of the Congolese women along the way.

“One of the most memorable moments from last summer was being able to see the light bulb go on in the people we met along the way,” says Bryan Dougan, a team member from last year’s tour. “We were able to talk to a lot of people about the Congo at red lights, gas stations and the churches we stopped at.”

The extent of the devastation and pain in the Congo is largely unknown – Ongoing conflicts and the aftermath of a bloody civil war has left many Congolese displaced and in despair. Perhaps most appalling is the widespread use of rape as a weapon—coldly calculated to tear lives and communities apart. American Bible Society and the She’s My Sister initiative are heeding the call of local churches in the region by equipping and training facilitators in the areas to lead scripture-based trauma healing sessions. Last year the bikers raised almost $150,000 – As a result of their efforts, 15,000 physically and emotionally broken women received trauma healing.

“I didn’t know what I could do to make a difference,” said Jenna Liew, a biker on last year’s tour. “I was a college student, I was young, and so I didn’t have a lot of authority. So I thought, ‘Well, I can ride a bike.’” And while she had never owned a road bike before this trip, God had put these women’s stories on her heart. She knew that riding was a tangible way she could address the injustice in the Congo. “I went into it originally because it was an amazing cause and it was an adventure, but it turned out to be the most transforming experience of my life.”

Don’t let their cries for justice go unheard any longer- make a difference this summer and bike for the She’s My Sister tour.

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