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“These gifts are angels of the Gospel.”

Imagine copying the entire Bible . . . by hand! For some Chinese Christians like Yong*, Bibles are very hard to come by. A hand copy was the only way he could imagine having God’s Word for himself.

Yong survived the Japanese invasion during World War II and then the infamous cultural revolution.

When a village pastor shared the Gospel with Yong more than 30 years ago, Yong believed, and that faith gave him the peace that had eluded him for so long. But his little church had only one Bible. The believers went to the church day and night, waiting their turn to read that Bible.

It was then that Yong discovered what he considered his mission in life. Since he was retired, he decided to devote all his time to copying the church’s one Bible when others weren’t reading it.

Day after day, he patiently copied and then carefully checked his work. He completed his bold task after five years of hard, dedicated labor. Finally, he could read and study the Bible at home!

But many more people in Yong’s village still needed Bibles of their very own, and thanks to generous friends like you, they received them!

When friends of the Bible Society arrived to distribute hundreds of Bibles, Yong was grateful beyond words.

“Everyone will have this treasure, and they too will know God at a deeper level,” Yong says. “These gifts are angels of the Gospel.”

We are so grateful to our financial partners for helping us bring the Good News to Christians in China!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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