Broadcasting Life-Changing Programming, a new Internet radio station, engages teens with the Word

Participants enjoy themselves at a local promotional event. Activities such as this are credited with the Internet station's reach.

Responding to the Need

Teen values and morality are decaying through daily bombardment of negative messages and displays of immoral behavior. In response, Taylor University Broadcasting, Inc., (TUBI, also known as WBCL Radio Network) created a teen Internet station, It provides Scripture-based programs, positive music and topical discussions that help guide teens to a personal relationship with Christ and a purposeful life through engagement with his Word.

“ has impacted my life in many ways, not just by providing positive radio, but by being a friend. I always know that there’s someone I can talk to at, whether on the phone, AIM or on a Facebook chat. is awesome!”

— Jordan Wiseman

Project In Review demonstrated its ability to utilize the Internet to spread the gospel by creating this unique teen Web station. It offers teens a venue to share their hurts and struggles and find answers. Its success is attributable to effective promotional events, use of Web search engines, its availability via iPhone and simple word-of-mouth publicity. The project made use of a tool already used by teens and added a personal touch by providing staff and volunteers to interact with listeners. This personal touch and consistent availability has allowed to gain the trust and attention of many teens and fostered increased faith. In addition, connections with churches and youth ministries played an important role, as listeners were able to connect with Bible studies or youth groups for ongoing discipleship.

Through the Internet, quickly moved from a domestic station to one heard in more than 94 countries. Youth leaders received relevant materials to use in groups. At least 10,000 youth moved beyond listening to becoming active participants in on-air discussions or Scripture-based events. Although fewer youth pastors than anticipated promoted and supported, churches are getting involved and giving a platform to reach teens.

The project exceeded five of its benchmarks and fell below in one. Global Scripture Impact recommends for future funding to continue to provide engaging Scripture materials and activities for teens. It entered the market at an opportune time to foster Bible engagement among young people, making ongoing funding important.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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