COVID-19 Emergency Relief

God’s message of hope and healing is spreading faster than any virus thanks to your generosity in this unprecedented season of global distress.

Over $4 million have gone to sustain 35 Bible Societies that would have otherwise been forced to shutter their ministry for good. “It was like finding an oasis of fresh water in the middle of the intense desert!” says Bible Society of Panama leader Marco Gomez of the emergency spiritual relief that you provided.
According to Ivone in Mozambique, you provided her and her community with “the greatest gift in the world.” She writes, “This Bible came at the right time in my life. The COVID-19 pandemic closed my church, and I didn’t have a Bible. But now I have my own.”


When Panama’s borders closed due to COVID-19, many migrants were trapped with nowhere to stay. Churches partnered with the Bible Society to give food and Bibles to the homeless migrants. According to one pastor, “Many of them met the Lord!”


Through a partnership with the Salvation Army, you provide critical Bible resources to people in need every year. At this year’s drive-through Christmas toy distribution, families were offered Bibles, our Beyond Disaster trauma healing book, and a Christmas card.
“Thank you, I’ve been wanting a Bible!”

United States

In their words…

“I really need to get back to church.”

“I didn’t have a Bible in my language until now.”

“It’s just what I wanted!”

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

Help us share God's Word where needed most.

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