Finding forgiveness and hope in the Bible.

Trauma comes in many forms, from personal betrayal to the lasting effects of brutal persecution and war. It is a deep wound of the heart and mind that can destroy a person’s relationships, health . . . and their faith. Trauma often causes a person to question God’s faithfulness and stop reading their Bible.

The Scripture-based trauma healing programs our friends help make available are building bridges back to God for men, women, and children who have suffered traumatic experiences.

Esther* had suffered tremendous loss in her past. Unaware of the unforgiveness she harbored in her heart, she lost hope in the future, stopped reading her Bible, and drifted from her faith in God. After attending a trauma healing workshop in Nigeria, she says, “The training amazed me because it helped me understand that I had issues that I had not dealt with. I was able to take my pains to the cross . . . The Holy Spirit gradually began a new work in me, and He is helping me to forgive easily.”

For Fisavo*, a young man from Nigeria, healing began when he realized that God is with everyone who suffers and desires to help us heal. “I felt God had forsaken me,” Fisavo recalls. “I even abandoned reading my Bible.” But now he can say with confidence, “I learned that there is no challenge facing man that God is not aware of.” Fisavo’s faith has been restored, and he is now reading his Bible once again.

Thanks to our partners, more than 244,000 hurting people worldwide have attended a trauma healing session. For many, their relationship with God has been restored, and their love for reading their Bible rekindled. Others have come to trust Christ to comfort and heal their hearts for the very first time!

*Names changed for privacy

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