Family in Benin grateful for life impact of new Fon language translation

Pélagie was a little troublemaker. She admits it. The 10-year-old did not do well in school and was known to hit and insult her classmates. She even admits to stealing.

When her mother began attending Bible Society literacy classes in their village in Benin, Pélagie wanted to go along. After persistent begging from Pélagie, her mother finally allowed her to attend. She didn’t realize how much of an impact the class would have on her daughter.

At the class, Pélagie’s mother received a newly translated Fon Bible and the two began reading it together. Scripture opened Pélagie’s eyes to the error of her ways.

“It was my first Bible,” she says. “It is like I have something holy in my life for the first time. I know that Jesus is my Savior and our Father.”

Because of God’s Word, Pélagie shares, “My life has changed! I decided I would no longer disobey my parents. I no more hit or insult my school mates [or] steal things like money in our house.”

As the daughter and mother continue to read God’s Word together, Pélagie is excited about the future. “The Bible can help me grow with prayers and behave like a child of God,” she says.

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