Good News for America: Bibles, Healing, and Military Devotionals!

Updates on American Bible Society ministry from across the U.S.

Where do you go to find a Bible in another language?

It’s often difficult for non-English speakers in the U.S. to find a Bible in the language they best understand, so we provide print-on-demand Scripture materials in 21 languages and counting. Check it out at

Healing spreads across Kansas City!

More than 70 churches in Kansas City have joined together to identify and respond to trauma in their communities through American Bible Society’s Bible-based trauma healing ministry. You’re supporting local churches as they reach the 500,000+ people in Kansas City with the Good News of Jesus’s power to heal the wounds of sin, despair, and grief.

Published: Bible Boot Camp for Military Women!

Being an American hero is a heavy burden. And since men comprise 83 percent of the military, being a female member of the Armed Services can be an additional challenge. To encourage the women who risk their lives for our country, we created a 45-day devotional just for them called “Bible Boot Camp for Military Women.” Designed to provide a ‘boot camp’ understanding of the Bible, this daily devotional uses key Bible passages alongside personal stories from Servicewomen, military wives, and female Veterans. Through this devotional, you’re encouraging military women to march in victorious cadence with God.

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