The Confessions book and Rob Beckley are pictured here. Photo by Caleb Komorowski

The American Bible Society teamed with Rob Beckley, lead singer of the Christian rock band Pillar, to produce Confessions— a book that speaks to the heart of teenage pain. Titled after Pillar's sixth studio album, Confessions addresses some of the key issues affecting today's youth: spiritual doubts, brokenness and self-image. Each section includes thematic confessions, a short devotional, reflection questions and Scripture references.

Confessions was inspired by the band's spring 2009 tour. The hard rock quartet wanted to engage its fans in a new way and distributed thousands of confession cards. “We decided to give our fans a way to pour out their hearts anonymously, yet before God,” says Beckley. “It definitely brought kids to the point of acknowledging their sin.” The impact from the tour carried over into the Confessions album and led to the development of the book.

The book was given away at Pillar concerts and can be ordered online at (free, plus shipping and handling.) Here, you can also view an e-version and download three exclusive online-only chapters.

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