How You Helped Distribute Bibles In A War Zone — And Beyond . . .

Providing Bibles to hurting people in Ukraine

War and conflict have followed the people of Ukraine, and many have taken unbearably difficult action in order to survive. For many, escaping with their lives means fleeing without Scripture, and others who remain cling to spiritual comfort in God’s Word however possible.

But through the generosity of our friends, spiritually hungry and hurting people throughout Ukraine are able to find comfort and hope in the Bible.

When fighting and chaos broke out, Vira* was in the middle of receiving treatment for cancer. Despite the risks, she chose to flee, leaving her Bible behind, and hoping for survival. She said her new copy of the Bible was “the best gift.”

Fedir* and his family fled to western Ukraine, leaving their village and home, where Fedir used to listen to an audio Bible. Receiving a copy of the Bible was “a great joy” to him, even when he was far from home.

Olena* became a believer later in life, about seven years ago. This year, at 87 years old,

she was forced to flee her home with “extreme haste” and had to leave behind her Bible. Thanks to our generous partners, Olena was able to receive Scripture once again, and she is “very grateful” for the copy of the New Testament she received.

Daniela* also fled to western Ukraine when her city was heavily bombarded. There, she was welcomed by a local church, and she received her first copy of the Bible. Through her experience, and with her own Bible, Daniela accepted Jesus and is growing in her own faith.

Our friends and partners have deeply touched the hearts of all these precious people, and so many more, when they were desperate for the hope and comfort that can only come from Jesus Christ through Scripture.

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