“I can’t make it in life without Christ.”

Bringing the Good News to a hurting family in Cameroon.

Carine* watched helplessly for years as her mother suffered from intense stomach pain. Despite everything she tried, nothing Carine did to alleviate her mother’s pain helped. “I was very sad and afraid,” she says.

Carine had a French Bible, but because she isn’t fluent in French, she couldn’t fully understand and engage with God’s Word.

Then one day, Carine’s sister invited her to an audio Bible listening group at their local church, where Carine heard the Word of God in her native language of Bassa — a translation made possible by friends of American Bible Society.

“There is a big difference for me to listen to the Bible in Bassa because I understand it better,” Carine says. “Now I pray, and I have the solution to my problems, starting with mom.”

Hearing the Bible in her heart language allowed Carine to truly understand what it means to trust in God.

“I came to understand I was living in sin, and I was losing,” she says. “I repented and accepted Jesus as my Savior. I understood that God is great, and I can’t make it in life without Christ. He is the solution to all our problems.”

“I felt happiness in my heart because I received a Bible,” Carine says. She is grateful for the people like you who helped ensure that Scriptures in her people’s heart language reached her rural village.

“Hearing the testimonies of others has strengthened my faith, and now I am also able to share my own testimony with others,” Carine says.

Today, Carine is saved and secure in her faith, and her mother has recovered from her illness. The dedication of our partners helps to change lives like Carine’s for eternity, and we are grateful.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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