“I had never read the Bible before.”

A non-believer in Serbia is transformed through God’s Word!

Life is a struggle in Serbia where one in four people live in poverty. Unemployment is high and people like 29-year-old Patrik* barely scrape by.

Patrik had little hope in anything . . . especially religion.

“I had never read the Bible before. I considered religion just a superstition,” he admits.

Living in poverty led to tensions and arguments in his family. “I felt sad, worthless, and hopeless,” he says. But through the generosity of friends like you, Patrik received his very own Bible and began reading it.

Once Patrik received his Bible, he says, “I was very excited. I was reading again and again and again. I believe it will change my life. Thanks to the Bible, I try to become a true Christian glorifying God with the life I live.”

Patrik began to see more and more of a difference as he engaged with Scripture. Today, God has provided a way for him to attend Bible school!

He says, “I have more patience and understanding for other people. Before going to the Bible school, I was nervous and aggressive and even angry with God because of my situation. Without God’s Word, I would have the same problems as before. My heart would be full of bitterness and anger.”

The ongoing faithful support of American Bible Society financial partners will continue to transform lives in hurting areas of Serbia and throughout the world.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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