“I like to pray and read the Bible.”

Helping youths grow in their faith in Christ.

Life can be difficult for many children in Nicaragua, but the Bibles you help provide are giving troubled youths the strength to persevere.

One child, Alvin*, was on a dangerous path and keeping bad company. He says that, because he received a Bible from friends like you, he is “learning to know more about God.” He says, “The Bible keeps me firm. The Word of God has given me hope.”

Through the support of our partners, children like Alvin are receiving Scripture that is helping them change their lives.

Another youth named Imara* is grateful she was able to change her life from her rebellious ways. She is so thankful for the Bible she received that guides her on a better path.

“The Bible I received is allowing me to know more about God, and I am already in doctrine classes to get baptized,” Imara says. “From that moment on, I feel that I am not alone.”

When Eduardo* received a Bible, he began reading it daily, and he dedicated himself to attending church services. He says, “I like to come to church and praise God. I like to pray and read the Bible.”

We are so thankful for our generous friends for providing Bibles for young people in Nicaragua and throughout Central America and bringing God’s Word to young and old souls alike.

*Names changed for privacy

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