“I lived like an animal.”

Orphaned children in Haiti get a glimpse of their Heavenly Father!

Jameson* knew nothing about God. He only knew hunger and pain.

The child never knew his father, and his mother had trouble feeding his brothers and sisters. So, Jameson ran away to live on the streets of Haiti. But the streets were even more unforgiving and punishing . . . no place for a child.

“I had no notion of good and evil,” he admits. “I lived like an animal.”

Jameson did whatever he could to survive while living as a street child. He thought no one cared. Then, while roaming the streets, the 10-year-old was injured in an accident with a vehicle; the local orphanage took him in.

“One day, while clutching a vehicle, I fell,” he said. “As a result of my fall, I had difficulty walking. I could not go into the streets. I was supported by an orphanage where I learned to read and write.”

In the orphanage, Jameson received a Bible of his very own. He says, “It was, in my view, the most important book I have ever owned. I consider my Bible as a gift from God.”

The ongoing support of our financial partners will give orphans like Jameson Bibles so they can meet their loving, Heavenly Father. We are so grateful to them for helping orphans and hurting children across the globe learn that God has a life of purpose for them.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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