“I love my Bible as I love food.”

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Despite his young age, Kamal* has endured a lifetime of violence and loss. He has always known the pain of being fatherless. Then, at just 10 years old, he became an orphan when his mother was killed in South Sudan’s civil war. The war continues today, claiming 400,000 lives, displacing over 2 million refugees, and intensifying food shortages.

The pain of losing his mother sharpened Kamal’s longing for a father even more. When describing his life in those days, Kamal often mentions “missing the love of a father . . . of having someone to turn to when you are hungry, or when you have a problem.” Kamal eventually moved in with his grandmother, but she is very poor and he is often hungry.

Recently, Kamal was given a Bible from the Bible Society. It was the first Bible he’d ever read. He has since given his life to Jesus and is growing in his faith as he studies Scripture. He told us, “I read my Bible three times a day. My favorite verse is John 3:16. It tells me the importance of being loved by God . . . and helps me to live a better life that will shape my future.”

The Bibles our partners help provide to children like Kamal are changing the lives of unreached children and youth where the need is greatest, from the Middle East to Africa, Asia, South America, and beyond.

Kamal keeps his Bible as one of his most precious possessions. He was very serious when he said, “I love my Bible as I love food.” For him, his Bible is life.

We thank our generous partners for transforming lives like Kamal’s all over the world with the power of God’s Word!

*Name changed for privacy

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