“I prayed for God to send a sign.”

Distributing 100,000 New Testaments in Bolivia during the pandemic

For Juan* and countless others who live in Bolivia, the pandemic was devastating. So many in this region were hungry for hope and guidance.

Bolivia is already one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The pandemic plunged the economy into a deep recession that led to increased poverty.

During this challenging time, Juan lost his job after a painful back injury left him unable to work. He admits that he often acted out of frustration with violence toward his wife. Juan was in so much pain, and he felt so alone, that he cried out to God. “I prayed for God to send a sign,” he says.

“I could not bear the pain. I asked for a Bible as a sign that I should change my life,” he recalls.

Juan’s prayers were answered! More than 100,000 New Testaments were distributed in Bolivia during the pandemic.

“I received it in a miraculous way,” he recalls. “One afternoon, New Testaments were delivered in the area. I received my Bible in the midst of tears because I could not believe God had answered my request. I could only look up at the sky because my request was answered.”

Juan says, “I saw the hand of God working. I made a commitment to no longer be violent and to live the life that God commands. I have changed because my commitment was with God. I promised to improve my relationship with my family and I will do that.”

God’s Word gave Juan the hope and guidance he needed to overcome his challenges. Without it, “I would have been lost, desperate, forgotten by those I love,” he says.

We are so grateful for our generous financial partners helping to transform the lives of Bibleless people in Bolivia and around the world through their faithful generosity.

*Name changed for privacy

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